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Wasted Youth Remake

2016-07-09 06:42:43 by GP-studios

A Wasted Youth remake is in the works.

Part 1 and Part 2 together as they should be, with a few changes here and there.

Oh and it's all gone 3D.


Follow me.


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2016-07-09 07:07:18

All aboard the hype train!


2016-07-09 16:40:11

Yeah!! You guys are BACK!! Wasted Youth is all well and good - but will we ever see more of Mr Frost?

(Updated ) GP-studios responds:

We're back! Thanks :)
I'm sure you will see Mr Frost again. I can't say so with certainty or give any sort of time frame, but I'd definitely like to continue Bunny Invasion in the future.


2016-07-09 20:36:00

Holy crap it's in 3D! So glad you guys are back!


2016-07-09 23:14:49

Yay! Glad to see you back.


2016-07-10 04:06:52

One more game that's actually going to see the light of day. Glad that you're back to making Wasted Youth. Best of luck to you. (I should also probably finish WS 1 now)


2016-07-21 23:34:19

yay! it's been a long tome ;)


2016-07-21 23:36:18

yay! it's been a long time ;)

more medals included please?

GP-studios responds:

It won't be on NG so no badges, if all goes to plan it'll be sold via Steam, GOG, etc.
There will be achievements though.


2016-08-01 19:55:07

Well GP-Studio I come back on the site for some nostalgia from some of the old games I used to play and I found you commenting on my thing that I posted 2 years ago. Glad your back on doing wasted youth. I really like that game and I did stop visiting this site. But if you meant your site I didn't really visit it that much after I took a break from this stuff for a while. Anyway I can't wait to see the game.


2016-08-01 22:51:12

Also if you do sell the game hopefully it will go on steam because I have a steam account and I will definitely buy it.


2016-08-01 22:55:11

One more thing. I played unity games in the passed. I like them but some of them tend to get really laggy. You might want to try your best and make sure there are things that could caused a major lag or constant lag that might make the game unplayable. I wish I could remebered all this when I first commented I just forgot to :P.

GP-studios responds:

I know what you mean.
I'll be doing everything in my ability to make it run smooth.
Nothing more offputting than a laggy game right? ... (Wasted Youth Part 1, I'm looking at you)


2016-08-09 12:58:44

i'm wait play game :)


2016-08-15 12:03:24

Can I suggest possible ideas for it?
Please take the ones I gave into considerations.
They should find Xerxes after finding out he killed Annabelle.
Also they should all rise up against Nate and he either dies or gets arrested.
I would sometimes write down possible design ideas while playing Wasted Youth Part 1.
In my black composition book, which both remind me of that school I attended in Brooklyn.
I'm also reminded of the high school I attended when I came back to my hometown.
Also reminded of the career centre I attended for two years.
Loved the design of that school and the house I once lived in.
The design ideas I write down aren't clothing-related anyway.
The point is I love your work and I hope you consider my ideas for the game.

GP-studios responds:

The plot's pretty much in place currently, but thanks for the suggestions.
As long as it doesn't interfere with the plot fundamentally, I'd be happy to hear some more of your ideas.


2016-09-28 22:41:31

Could you please make the dancing and Nate fight a little easier?
I always fail those two parts of the party mission each time.
That's the only part of the first half of the remake I suggest changing.
Please let me know if you'll take any of my previous suggestions into consideration.
I love the original and I just beat it for the billionth time and I still love it.
I wish I could have played it during my final year of high school when this came out.
Back when I was in my first year at the career centre I used to attend.
I must know what part of 2011 the original version of the game was made.


2016-12-08 11:16:14

Who wrote United Sway?
I'm trying to look it up so I can download it.
And also I don't know how to put songs from Free Music Download onto my iPod!
Will you use any of the ideas I gave you for the remake?
They find out Xerxes killed Annabelle and they hunt him down.
And they rise up against Nate after no longer fearing him, I'll let you decide whether he dies or gets arrested.
The player could turn everyone against Nate and I'll let you decide how the player will do this.
Maybe the game could go through seasonal change or something and include some fun little Easter eggs to the original with some Easter eggs to your other work.
And maybe the player could go into more detail to Wendy about how she looks like Wendy Testaburger from South Park.
Please make the Nate fight and the dancing parts of the party mission a little easier for people, I'm sure there are plenty of people that struggle with those.
Just make those two parts of that mission easier to win, but people could still possibly lose at it.
The player should become popular at the end and writes a letter to his parents about everything that's happened at the school so far.
How far into development are you with the Wasted Youth remake?


2017-06-15 22:23:05

Oh please, I've been waiting for so long ):